Speaker pHAT Pinouts?


Hi, I’m connecting my Speaker pHAT to a Mini Black Hat Hack3r and i don’t see the pinouts on pinout.xyz yet.
Are they published anywhere else ?
Next task is to bling it up with a PiGlow and Blinkt VU.


you can see a draft here. basically it uses the I2S interface for the DAC and the I2C interface for the SN3218 (VU).

… if you want to add a blinkt VU, make sure to bookmark our new pivumeter repo:

to install, just run:

 setup.sh blinkt

… it’s worth noting though that @gadgetoid is still working on it, but a git pull + setup.sh blinkt at a later date will bring all improvements. We’ll also likely have a ‘simple installer’ at a later point.


err - just to clarify - if you use Blinkt as a VU, the one on the speaker-phat will not be active/functional.

… on the other hand, the piglow uses the same SN3218 chip, and you can just snap one on the GPIO alongside the Speaker pHAT and both will emit a signal. the one of the piglow won’t necessarily be particularly meaningful in term of pattern but that is to be expected.

I’m not sure if @gadgetoid has plans to profile up the piglow for pivumeter, but if so, it would be an either/or support I would expect, meaning not expecting it to be used in addition to a speaker-phat.


Hi, I’m trying to link my Pi Zero with the Speaker pHAT using jumpers, so that I can carry on prototyping on my breadboard.

From what I can tell from the draft document linked above, I need link pin 2 (5v power), one of pins 6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34 and 39 (ground) and pins 3, 5, 12, 35 and 40 (i2c/i2s).

Is this correct?


yes, absolutely correct!


here’s a screengrab while waiting for the page to go up:


Hi, did your jumper cable setup work for you? I tried connecting the draft layout exactly to same position pins on pi zero board (using pin 6 for ground) - but i get nothing.
When I plug the speakerphat directly into the pi zero header however it works…