Speaker pHAT Pinouts?

Hi, I’m connecting my Speaker pHAT to a Mini Black Hat Hack3r and i don’t see the pinouts on pinout.xyz yet.
Are they published anywhere else ?
Next task is to bling it up with a PiGlow and Blinkt VU.

you can see a draft here. basically it uses the I2S interface for the DAC and the I2C interface for the SN3218 (VU).

… if you want to add a blinkt VU, make sure to bookmark our new pivumeter repo:

to install, just run:

 setup.sh blinkt

… it’s worth noting though that @gadgetoid is still working on it, but a git pull + setup.sh blinkt at a later date will bring all improvements. We’ll also likely have a ‘simple installer’ at a later point.

err - just to clarify - if you use Blinkt as a VU, the one on the speaker-phat will not be active/functional.

… on the other hand, the piglow uses the same SN3218 chip, and you can just snap one on the GPIO alongside the Speaker pHAT and both will emit a signal. the one of the piglow won’t necessarily be particularly meaningful in term of pattern but that is to be expected.

I’m not sure if @gadgetoid has plans to profile up the piglow for pivumeter, but if so, it would be an either/or support I would expect, meaning not expecting it to be used in addition to a speaker-phat.

Hi, I’m trying to link my Pi Zero with the Speaker pHAT using jumpers, so that I can carry on prototyping on my breadboard.

From what I can tell from the draft document linked above, I need link pin 2 (5v power), one of pins 6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34 and 39 (ground) and pins 3, 5, 12, 35 and 40 (i2c/i2s).

Is this correct?

yes, absolutely correct!

here’s a screengrab while waiting for the page to go up:

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Hi, did your jumper cable setup work for you? I tried connecting the draft layout exactly to same position pins on pi zero board (using pin 6 for ground) - but i get nothing.
When I plug the speakerphat directly into the pi zero header however it works…

Adding my experience here for future travelers.

I also needed to write my Speaker pHAT using jumper wires. Following the pinout on pinout.xyz I wired up the three I2S lines, the two I2C lines, 5V, 3.3V, and one of the GND connections.

(Be extra careful when doing this, as it’s easy to get the orientation wrong and wire things incorrectly, which could damage your Pi and/or pHAT. Remember that the pHAT sits on top of the Pi, so its pinout is essentially mirrored when you flip it over to plug in jumper wires.)

The result was a garbled speaker. My initial attempt wired only pin 34 as ground.

So I added a second ground wire; pin 14. Now the speaker sounds fine.

There’s no schematic or board layout for the Speaker pHAT that I’m aware of, so it’s hard to know if the Speaker has a split ground plane; if only one ground connection just wasn’t enough grounding; or what. I’m not going to explore further. But hopefully this helps others who run into similar issues.