Speaker pHAT Help - What pins does it really need


I have a 40pin breakout cable on my Pi Zero W going to a breadboard.
I’d like to attach just the pins I really need to the Speaker pHAT for sound - I don’t need lights.
For alerts in my house, I’m trying to get better sound that some beeps from a Piezzo speaker.

So, of the 40 pins on the header, can someone tell me which pins I need?


If you follow the link above you will see what pins the speaker phat uses. If you do not need the lights then there is no need to connect gpio 2 and 3 at the top of the header

Hope that helps!



Hi Will
Didn’t know about that site.
I tried just sending 4 wires from my Pi3 to my soldered header on Speaker Phat and had issues - so plugged it directly in and still had issues. Ive posted about that in another thread. Thx for helping!!!