Speaker pHAT with pi Zero WH


Beginner here. Trying to figure out what the next step is for getting this up and running. I have soldering the speaker contacts to the other contacts, and would like to attach it to the Pi (which came with pins already : WH) as easily as possible. What is the next step here? Couldn’t find much support with regards to the zero WH…

((also getting a lot of ALSA errors… but i think that’ll be best reapproached later)


The standard way to do it is to mount (solder) a female header on the bottom side of the Speaker pHat and then just plug it into the Pi Zero.
Another way to do it is to just solder it right to the top of the male header on the Pi Zero. That has disadvantages though. Do it that way and the two are basically inseparable. If one or the other has issues your replacing both. There also may not be room if your using the speaker mounted to the Speaker pHat. You don’t want the two boards touching each other.
If you just have it sitting loosely on top of the Pi’s header with no header attached (to the speaker phat), that would explain the ALSA errors.
The pictures on the product page show a hammer header, but I’m pretty sure it just comes with a solder header. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/speaker-phat That’s what came with my pHat Beat