Phat DAC A-ok on Zero W, nothing from Zero 2

I’ve tried a few ways but can’t get it working on my Pi Zero 2. Starting with a fresh Raspberry Pi OS sd card, I’m able to run the install with:

curl -sS | bash

with no errors. On restart, running it again, I get audio out of the Zero W and none out of the Zero 2. I’m doing this all through ssh, and not touching the brand new system otherwise before the curl command. I wonder if there’s any gotcha or prerequisites I’m missing. Thanks in advance, any clues appreciated!

Did you solder the header on the Zero 2 or buy it “with header”?

I soldered them on myself, which I’ve always done for Zeros. Hmm… I’ll use an LED or something to check the gpio’s the hat is using…

Can’t hurt to double check your soldering.
pHAT DAC at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

… it hurt a little to find that GPIO 18 isn’t working!

I was hoping it was some “just run apt install gobbledygook and ur good” situation but… [sigh]…

I’ll investigate, likely I’ll incriminate myself in solder crimes…

That was it-- the old “user error” [ahem]

Now getting my front lefts and front rights, thank you :)

Good soldering is an acquired skill. And even then, mistakes can happen.
Good thing is, for most of us, its usually an easy fix.
Anyway, now you can move on and make use of it.

This particular zero 2 has had headers soldered on and off a few times… crusty… looks like the only bad joint, of course one of the six pins it needed :)

I find the double row of pins on the zeros horrible to solder (which is why i only buy pre-soldered ones now!)

For me, no header is an advantage. I sometimes put a 90 female on the back side. It lets me plug them into a pHat Stack directly skipping the ribbon cable.

The presoldered header is a nice option though, for those that want it.

I never have much trouble soldering them, it’s the de-soldering that gets iffy. I admit I was careless when I could count on MicroCenter having fresh Pis for me for when/if I broke one of mine…:(