Phat DAC not working, please help me


Hi guys, I just joined this group, it’s an honor to meet you.
I have some problems with my phat Dac. I connected it with my raspberry pi zero (which is running raspbian) and I just followed the guide at this link to make it works, I connected it to my speaker but it doesn’t make any sound.
During the installation of the needed package there wasn’t any error message but also the sound test didn’t produce any sound.
Somebody can help me please?

P.s: I apologize for my english, which is not perfect, I’m Italian… :’)


Did you run?:

curl -sSL | bash


Yes but it isn’t working anyway…
It only makes background noises when i connect it to my phat dac, but nothing else…


Could you post a picture of your soldering, both on the Pi Zero side, and the pHAT?

Thank you!


I didn’t solder them because i was trying to verify first if they worked together, so i connected them only with pins


It’s very unlikely to work without soldering due to poor electrical contact. You’re literally putting square pegs into round holes.

You can try to very, very gently lift the connector edge of the DAC up and away from the Pi Zero to try and make a better electrical contact, but it’ll still be intermittent.


Then you suggest me to solder them?