Speaker Phat + Retropie Voume

Hi Guys

Just a question about the speaker phat and retropie, I currently have this all connected up and the sound is coming out but even on 100% PCM it is very low.

I know this speaker isn’t supposed to be mega loud due to watts and size but I can hardly hear it as on other videos I’ve seen playing mp3 files it seems much louder.

Does anyone know how I can increase the volume or have I got something incorrectly configured somewhere else?


For starters your /etc/asound.conf should look something like the below.

IE: You should have a softvol plugin somewhere in the chain, because the PCM hardware doesn’t directly support any kind of volume control.

With that in place, drop to Terminal (F4) and run alsamixer then crank the volume up as high as you need.

pi@retropie:~ $ cat /etc/asound.conf
pcm.real {
  type hw
  card 0
  device 0

pcm.dmixer {
  type dmix
  ipc_key 1024
  ipc_perm 0666
  slave.pcm "real"
  slave {
    period_time 0
    period_size 1024
    buffer_size 8192
    rate 44100
  bindings {
    0 0
    1 1

ctl.dmixer {
  type hw
  card 0

pcm.softvol {
  type softvol
  slave.pcm "dmixer"
  control {
    name "PCM" # Masquerade as the default "PCM" sound device on Pi (for EmulationStation)
    card 0

pcm.!default {
   type plug
   slave.pcm "softvol"