Split the head of Zero Lipo (for non-stop power supply), is it safe?


I am thinking to DIY some wires into a Y-sharp stuff so that I can plug two batteries (in parallel) into Zero Lipo simultaneously.

When use, I plug only one battery. When battery is low, I plug in a 2nd battery and then remove the 1st one, so power becomes non-stop. My concern is if this action will induce electric pulse that is harmful to Zero Lipo/Zero W, especially when Zero W is running? Or, any chance it will trigger a reboot or something?

If everything is viable, it will be fun to do something so that my Zero W will notify me when battery is low (thru BT or wifi to my mobile).^^

Another question
I have 10 small LiPo batteries idle; I bought them for my mini-helicopter before. Can I use them on Zero LiPo? My concern is the “10 C” marking which means that they can tolerate higher currency output (low internal resistance?). I think it is good for brushless motor but not sure if it hurts electronics?

Thanks for your help


Can you post a picture of your LiPo’s so we can see if they are correct. Also one of the writing on the side so we can make sure.

As for the first question are you trying to connect to lipos at once. Would you be able t mock it up so I better understand what you mean?


Thanks for your reply. Here they are. Oh, they are 20C. I have a mix of 10C, 15C & 20C.

The “Y-shape stuff” is in the middle, I will change the bottom jst to fit Zero LiPo (e.g. DIY an adapter for above red-plug to phr-2).

BTW, the right one is a 4054 IC, power source is a NoteBook Transformer, to charge LiPo.

Hope this can help to explain what I am trying to do.

Is it safe?


the batteries look fine and I think the y stuff will work but I am only 80% sure.

@niko will be able to shed some certainty over the situation.


I’ll ask our engineers, but it’s my understanding that by quickly plugging in a second battery and unplugging the original one for charging you’re skipping some of the concerns that might arise from running LiPo’s in parallel like this.

A higher current capacity battery should be fine, in the case of Zero LiPo there’s simply no point at which it’s going to draw anywhere near 10A, or whatever the rating of those batteries may be.

Don’t try to run LiPo batteries for a sustained time in parallel, it can be done, but it’s best avoided.

From @niko:

There would be a high current flowing from the full battery to the empty battery while they’re both plugged in simultaneously. The current would most probably be higher than the max charge rating of the empty lipo, though if it’s just for a few seconds i’m not sure if it’d do much harm. If the batteries have overcurrent protection circuitry, it might trigger though and turn the power off.


Thanks for all your reply.

Sorry I am not familiar with Forum’s interface. Is niko the engineer? or I can expect some more feedback from professionals?

The beauty of the above red-plug is that I can plug and unplug very quickly, probably within 1 second. I don’t care much if it harms the battery, my main concern is if it will burn the boards. BTW, does the Zero LiPo has something to protect itself (then the zero w behind) from such kind of impulse.

fyi, lipo for mini-helicopter does not has any protection circuit, this is to protect the helicopter ;p


Niko is the engineer at pimoroni so probably the most qaulified person around to answer the question.

I am unaware of such a feature on the zero lipo but there is a blog post which could answer some of your questions



Oh I see, thank you for your clarification. I will go ahead later (have not solder anything yet, not even the 8pin part of Zero LiPo).

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