Zero LiPo off/on voltage + BCM4


Hi there,
I have two questions;

  1. I read that the Zero Lipo has a low voltage cut off automatic shutdown at 3.0V to protect the battery, is there a similar automatic turn off voltage, kind of a hysteresis?

  2. I’m using BCM4 for a 1w temperature sensor, I note that the Zero Lipo uses this pin as a battery low indicator, will this conflict with my temperature sensor or will it matter? If there is a clash can you suggest a solution please?

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I’ll see if I can find out about #1.

As for #2. It’s possible to change the GPIO pin which 1-wire uses using dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpiopin=N


Thanks for your reply…looking forward to hearing about #1 :)


Hi again,
just wondering if you have any news on this query?




Hi there, any update to my query at all at all?


Paul :)



Did you mean “automatic turn on” in question #1? Yep, there is a small hysteresis, the Zero Lipo / Lipo Shim turns on at 3.25V and off at 3.0V.