Zero W with Zero LiPo reboot



I try to boot a Zero W with LiPo Modul
When I connect a Battery or a Power Supply to LiPo Modul Zero start to boot but at one point (I guess when starting WLAN) it reboot. This behavior loops endless.

When powering Zero W with USB Power (Powerbank or Power Supply) it is booting fine.


Do you have 1Wire enabled, or any other process which could be asserting BCM4?


No, clean and fresh Raspbian installation. Only Network Stuff like WLAN and Password are configured.



Most likely the undervoltage lockout on the Zero Lipo triggers as the input voltage drops during larger current spikes. Try using shorter / thicker battery wiring or a bigger battery, that might fix it.


Hi Niko,

I’m using 0,5mm wiring which is enough for 12A. I’m using 4,7V from a constant powersupply so I can deliver more than 50W of Power. My Powersupply is designed for 100W.

As you see in my video voltage is never below than 4,7V.



Dear Pimoroni Crew,

any other ideas? What can I do to get your stuff running?