Stacking headers

These stacking headers in the shop don’t say that are suitable for pi zero/W. Is there any reason they are not compatible, or does the description just need updating?

Those headers are compatible with all 40 pin pi’s including zero/w

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They are indeed compatible with all 40-pin Pi variants, as @pi2003 points out. We’ve updated the product description with those details. Thanks!

Thanks @pi2003 @sandyjmacdonald

I placed an order for a couple. I intend to make a breadboard adaptor from tripad board and PCB headers. I will solder the stacking header to the pi zero with the female sockets on the underside and the male pins on the top side. Then I can plug the adaptor I made into the breadboard, plug the pi on top of that, and plug my automation phat on top of the pi.

Can you forsee any problems with that?