Storage for arduino


Hi - I’m looking for storage boxes for Arduinos - was looking at the ones here but none of them look big enough to store Arduinos (especially if the kids have already done some assembly). Can you recommend a good product for this?


You really can’t go wrong with “really useful boxes”, they can be a bit pricy, but they’re robust and come in every shape and size you could possibly imagine. We use them in the office, to tote things to demos, and I have several at home to keep all my bits ‘n’ bobs in check.

I know what you mean by “already done some assembly” though. Look for Arduino “cases” which will mount an Arduino and a breadboard- keeping the two things together goes a long way toward stopping them getting tangled up and losing all their connections/components. If you use these you can probably just throw several into anti-static bags and stack them up in a regular plastic tub. The jump wires might get bent a little, but I’ve dug stuff out of the bottom of boxes countless times and it usually still works!