Storing multiple code on single pico?

Im not sure if im phrasing this correctly but ill try to explain clearly. I have a project using the pico lipo where it attaches to a air monitoring station and collects pollution data. The sensor kitnim using is from SB components

They have a sample code on their guthub which explains how to use it

however along side the main code there are 2 additinal modules which need to be stored on the pico to access the OLED drivers. The pico is running the custom pirate branded micropython so does this affect if i can use this attachment and does anyone know how i can store all 3 dependant files on board so that everything may work?

If you open Thonny, and go to View and select Files. It will open up the option to copy / save files to the PICO. I’ve done it to add support for a UV breakout.

Can I save multiple files to the pico using this method?

Yes, you can save multiple files.