Enviro + Air Quality Board - Newbie where to start

Hi All,
I’m looking at building a Environmental sensor for the office/home and the Enviro board looks very interesting especially with the additional sensor.
I’ve not got anything, so I’ll need a board and looking at it I’ll also need a case if anyone can recommend one? - one that can hold the board but allow air flow in for the sensors and heat of the board out!

Any suggestions on the kit i need please?

Raspberry Pi Enviro board or Pi Pico Enviro?
One with an LCD display you want to be able to see?

It was this board i found, Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Quality Enviro for Raspberry Pi - Enviro + Air Quality
it was the sensors and Particulate Sensor I’m interested in, the screen isn’t needed at all.
I was only planning on using it for dev work but when its in place i’d disable it.

So i just need a board and case that is small and as low powered as possible.
(The board does need a wireless method of getting the data off, if that is a constraint in this one?)

Just seen the Pi Pico Enviro range…
Now these look interesting - any good sites to look at for how to guides?

Click the “Learn” at the top of the page. ;)
Projects, tutorials, reviews, and more for todays digital Makers (pimoroni.com)

Is there a case for the Pico Enviro that includes the battery?

Pico Enviro**+**?
Cases for what you build is something lacking, other than 3D printing one.
It’s just the nature of the beast. To many different combinations of hardware.