Enviro+ - is it outdoor, indoor or both?

I’ve restarted my Enviro+ project again, and am taking time to plan it and lay it out better. Now then folks; is the Enviro+ really meant for outdoor, or indoor use? I’m more interested in getting air quality, so if the device is better indoors I’ll rig up a plastic tube. Opinions?

The board isn’t waterproof, so you have to be careful about using it outside.

The Pimoroni folks wrote a guide to building waterproof housing for it using plastic piping.

Yes, I saw that - my biggest problem is getting power outdoors but I’m working on that. I can’t imagine that rig surviving a Yorkshire winter 😉 I’ve had some considerable success with a “Sistema Brilliance” sandwich box and a BBC Micro::bit, so if I can arrange an inlet pipe for the particle detector I may be in business! I may be able to sample air via an air Rick but keep the electronics indoors.