Enviro+ for outside conditions

I have an Enviro+ with Raspberry Pi 3 which is working very well but would like to use the Enviro+ outside.

Has anyone thoughts on how to weatherproof the Enviro+ bearing in mind that it has light / temperature / humidity / pressure sensors so I don’t want to entirely box it up.

It depends on how weatherproof it has to be.

I haven’t tried this but a quick search brought up this one:

It looks like it’s vented in that back so it would be OK for temp/humidity reading…

I thought about that too. Problem I find is that the RPi 3 &4 board gets warm enough to alter the temp and humidity measurements on the enviro board. The PiZero is much cooler but I can’t get it to run the enviroplus scripts on boot using the ‘cron’ function.

My conclusion was that the Environ+ is not really designed for outdoor use as it stands as the electronics is not protected or coated. I bought an enclosure similar to the one shown in the previous post which is an outdoor enclosure with a clear top and I will cut out the bottom panel so that air will circulate around inside. I can then mount it with the open panel pointing downwards.

I use a RPi 3 but connect to the Environ+ using a short ribbon cable.so that should get over the issue of the heat from the RPi causing problems. If I do find it an issue, I may have to have a separate enclosure for the Environ+

If you look at how the professionals do it, they have special enclosures with slated walls to allow air to circulate.

In the future I may look at getting waterproofed measurement sensors but they have to be individually connected and it would take more time and effort to get it working.