Super Helmet


I want to create a helmet that looks like a sci fi helmet (mass effect, titanfall, halo, etc.) and that;

Want to make cool helmet, need help with having multiple camera feed output to multiple screens

  • Protects my head (able to decrease force from impact by significant degree)

  • Can filter the air I breath (does not need to be super extreme filter, just filter out general junk, the better the filter the more pleased I am, but if it becomes too bulky/expensive then it is unnecessary)(Optional/Most Likely)

  • Has a HUD with my vitals on it. I would wear some sensors, such as HR monitor to have some cool biofeedback, maybe also include other information.(option)

  • Maybe even have it be a digital display where there are cameras on the front and maye back of the helmet that then are displayed on the interior screen, where I have voice commands setup for some different things.

  • Have the helmet be as sound proof as possible and have microphones where my ears would be, then inside the helmet speakers, so that I can modify the noise around me to be how I want it to be.

I understand this would be rather difficult (at least including all of the bullets) and that it could even be a touch silly. Yet, I find this a rather intriguing pursuit and think it will help contribute to becoming a cyborg. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I don’t really know where to start for this. I can imagine a lot of the work might be done on an arduino, but I simply don’t know the feasibility of modifying noises of the world around you and having the cameras on the helmet.

So here’s a little prioritization sheet I worked out, it is not exactly in order, and maybe you all have some suggestions on what might be more critical to design and functionality.


  1. Functionality

a. Head protection

a1. Padding/Inertia dampener
a2. Sturdy/solid

b. Control of phone through bluetooth

b1. In helmet speakers
b2. In helmet microphone
b3. Voice control

c. Control of other systems such as screens

c1. Voice control of screens
c2. Screen modification
c3. Screen HUD and other functions (maybe GPS map, time, etc.)

d. Camera view

d1. Camera live to screen with little to no latency
d1a. 360 degree view compressed to 180 degree screen (maybe)
d2. Computer control of camera feed
d2a. Visuals, different HUDs

e. Sound modulation

e1. Sound cancelling
e2. Sound reproduction at low to no latency
e3. Sound modification
e3a. Changing pitch
e3b. Change decibel levels
e3c. Change relative level of external sounds

f. The HUD

f1. Display of vitals
f1a. Heart rate, oxygenation, etc. (Requires some monitor)
f2. Display of time and other running interests
f3. Display of current location on google maps/GPS system

g. Air Filtration

g1. Filtration of air, relatively high quality
g2. Seal on head or seal over mouth and nose or full body suit that connects to helmet

h. Extra Features

  1. Style
    a. Look good
    b. Look like popular sci-fi media
    c. Does not interfere with functionality and accents functionality

How should I do this? I’ve been suggested to video-goggles or two screens near the eyes. I plan on using a raspberry computing system (might need multiple) to modulate the output from the cameras. How could I make multiple camera outputs lay onto multiple screens that looks good at three to five inches from the eyes? Also how can I make the raspberry pi control my phone and computer via voice, or at least change a screens properties?


This is a big project… bigger than I can ever have time to walk you through, but I would suggest you approach this the way most makers approach their projects. Break it down into smaller parts.

First see if you can take a single camera and get a feed going on a small screen using hardware like the Raspberry Pi zero (maybe Pimoroni Hyperpixel could be a good screen for this project).

Got that working? then you need to figure out how to get two feeds to two screens (can you do it with a single Pi? Do you need two Pi’s?

Next… figure out how do you get your vitals into into a device? How can you represent that data in a way that looks cool on a helmet? (neopixels? unicorn hat? Display-o-tron etc).

Figure out mobile power… how are you going to make this all portable

Build a helmet… the cosplay world can help you with this but you’ll probably need to use a crash-helmet and respirator as a base and somehow combine them to get what you want and then make it cool using EVA foam peices or something. How are you going to mount all the stuff above to that?

etc etc etc etc.

This is not a cheap or easy project by any stretch of the imagination but I wish you the best of luck - feel free to share your progress reports here, I would love to see this evolve!