Super Long Bolts for PiBow


Does anyone know where I can get some super long bolts for the pibow case?

Does anyone know what size the pibow bolts are? I mean like M5 and so on dimensions, saw someone mention something like M2.5, but was unsure if this was the correct size bolts the pibow uses.

I am wanting to screw 2 raspberry pi’s together in their pibow cases, I would like to have a 2 nut spacer/gap between the two pi’s.

These pi’s don’t have any modifications done to them, they don’t use any of the gpio pins, so there should be no issues from securing them together.

A nice to have would be using ever so slightly longer bolts and then using some kind or long nut to fasten the two bolts together, this would achieve 2 task, 1) providing space/gap between the two pi’s, and 2) giving flexibility to modify the pi’s inside the tasks easily without having to undo both pi’s to get to the one I need to access.

Are you talking about a pibow zero(for pizero) or a normal pibow?

Oh sorry I’m talking about the standard normal pi bow, for the full size raspberry pi.

The ones I have aren’t the coupe versions either.

I know there are longer bolts on the website for pibow, but these aren’t long enough as they only allow another 4 layers on top and a second pibow has more layers than this plus I’d like a 2 layer gap between each pibow.

I believe the regular Pibow takes M3 bolts. I’ve managed to buy the nuts off ebay, so maybe start there?

I tried eBay first, the bolts there aren’t long enough for what I want to do, hence the reason why I posted the question here.

Might be possible to remove the head off one bolt and super glue two bolts together if you can’t find them?

I guess, I’d prefer not to do that as it may damage the bolt and should I change my mind the future about having them both together due to using them for something different I may not no able to.

Just buy a load, they’ll be pretty cheap, then you don’t have to worry!

This eBay item includes options for 60mm long M3s. That would probably be long enough for two Pibows (are you using a full-size one or a coupé?).

Alternatively, these would attach the bottoms of the bolts from two Pibows together, similar to your ‘extra long nut’ idea above. The magic words to search eBay for in this case is ‘female-female M3 standoff’. The ones above are metal - not sure they do plastic ones. Anyways, metal is more hardcore!