Temporarily disable Skywriter HAT from code

I am running the Skywriter hat on Raspberry Pi 3. Is there a way to disable the Skywriter HAT from code or even set a timeout to enable detection for a specified time.
Basically I have a user interface button that should enable the gestures on the hat for some time after which it should ignore all gestures until the button is pressed again

There are ways to turn off gestures, but they’re currently not implemented in the library.

You could stop listening for gestures, but such functionality is also not implemented. So that’s not terribly helpful.

The Skywriter library needs a new point release, though, so perhaps we could look into adding a feature that would cover your use case.

I too would like this functionality for a project.

Is there not a way to just ‘unload’ the class - and reload it when needed?

You could try running skywriter._stop_poll() and then skywriter._start_poll() to resume. As the underscore prefix hints, though, these are internal functions and not part of the public API so they may (although it’s not likely) change.