Interfacing Skywriter HAT with Arduino Uno

I bought Skywriter HAT (40 pins module ) , i want to interface this module with Arduino Uno .kindly help with the pin configuration to interface the same with arduino uno .

The Skywriter Hat pinout is here.

Be aware though, that I do believe the Uno uses 5V logic and the Pi uses 3.3V logic.
Sending 5V logic signals into the skywriter will likely damage it.

can we get schematic layout of interfacing arduino uno with the skywriter with the brief discription

What your looking for will only exist if somebody has already done it and documented it.
I haven’t, I don’t own a skywriter. I have a couple of UNO’s on the go and have done a little bit of tinkering with them. Thats why I know they use 5V logic. To interface an UNO with something that wants 3.3V logic your going to have to use a level shifter. Your also likely going to need a C library for the skywriter. There is a bit of work to get this done. I’m not trying to put you off from doing it, just be prepared for some sleuthing and tinkering to get there.

There are adapters out there to let you plug an Arduino Shield into a raspberry Pi.
I don’t remeber seeing one to do it the other way around though, Pi Hat into Arduino?

any documentation of pin description of skywriter 3d hat gesture sensor is available ?

From the product page

  • Communication over I2C
  • 0x42: MGC3130…0…1j2…gws-wiz-img…0.7L5rrG-74W4…177…1j2…gws-wiz-img…0.IPQbbWFgtXw

Is this sensor compatible with 5v power supply

The pinout, link is posted above in my other post, shows it uses 3.3V. I don’t see any connection to 5V. It will be using 3.3v logic as well. Some Arduino’s use 5V logic so be careful how you hook this up.