Skywriter HAT + Arduino

Currently, I have the Skywriter HAT plugged into an Arduino Nano via the following pins:

Pi hat/Arduino

  • GND -> GND
  • 3v3 (both) -> 3v3
  • GPIO 27 -> D2
  • GPIO 17 - D3
  • GPIO 3 -> SCL
  • GPIO 2 -> SDA

I have used the I2C scanning sketch on Arduino Playground and am seeing the skywriter on address 0x42 (expected). I know the hat works because I’ve gotten it to work via the Raspberry Pi.

I’ve also tried manually polling via Skywriter.poll() and trying to access the data without going throughout the interrupts (which never seem to trigger) and… nothing.


To expand, I found the interrupts weren’t working until I switched in the example code (SkywriterInterrupt.ino) from


where-ever mentioned to


I’ve also proven via serial print outs that I am, after this change, executing the interrupts, but the board locks up on Skywriter.poll();