SkywriterInterrupt not working with Arduino Uno


Hi there,

I have a full sized Skywriter board and I’m having some difficulty running the SkywriterInterrupt sketch on my Arduino Uno.

As far as I can tell, the code hangs around ln 24 of skywriter.cpp:
Wire.requestFrom(this->addr, (unsigned char)32);

My setup is pretty basic. I’ve followed the pinouts of previous skywriter posts, with:
TRFR -> Digital pin 2
RESET -> Digital pin 3

The code in SkywriterInterrupt is mostly unchanged except I’ve commented / uncommented some lines to get the interrupt code to work with the Arduino Uno:
//attachInterrupt(PIN_TRFR,poll,FALLING); // Arduino Due attachInterrupt(0,poll,FALLING); // Arduino Uno

I’ve done that in both setup() and poll() functions, as expected.

As far as debugging goes, if I comment out the Skywriter.poll() call in the poll() function, things don’t hang anymore. And if I then attach Digital Pin 2 to say, a square signal, I get the interrupt firing as expected.

Thanks in advance!


See also @gadgetoid!