You have much to learn young Skywriter


I may be out of my depth with this one. But can some one plz give me a step by step to get my new Skywriter HAT to work???

Unicorn was easy as it installed examples.

Thanks, Tim

Okay! Here goes:

git clone
cd skywriter-hat/python/library
sudo python install

This is totally my fault for making a pigs ear of the README, d’oh!

Then you can:

cd ../examples
sudo python

Good luck!

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been, too, a young Skywriter… I want to run my newly obtained SKYWRITER HAT with my Arduino Due. I could not find any description of the Skywriter’s PIN-out to mach it with Arduino. I need some help from a Jedi.

Okay, the Skywriter hat uses:


for I2C communications. In addition it uses:

GPIO 17 for Reset
GPIO 27 for Transfer status.

Finally, it uses the both 3v3 pins for power, and any ground pin should do since they’re all connected.

If you want a pain-free way to hook it up to Arduino, I’d recommend Black HAT Hack3r: