The resolution of pantilthat

I am using pantilt hat with rasberry pi 3 b+
I want to know the resolution of controling angles of pan and tilt motors? Is it one degree integer?
I need to use it for a very small range of reptitive oscillations, I do not need the full range of 180 degrees.
Can I change the servo timing to reach more resolution and reduce the time between cycles?

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I don’t think you can expect better than one degree of resolution. Also there’s the question of repeatability. I’ve been playing with my pan/tilt board for a couple of weeks and I noticed some jitter when doing sweeps back and forth. Can you give more info on your requirements?

Thanks for your kind response.
Indeed I want to make circular motion of the camera through giving sine and cosine waves to each motor. I need the amplitude of vibration to be very small even less than 1mm. So I am trying to give repetitive motion of small amplitude to each motor. I though controling motors could benefit to reach this. I do not need the full 180 range.

Well you could give it a shot but my impression is that you are going to need better servos than the ones that are on the PTH. It is a hobbyist device, after all. It’s possible the board could work with better (more expensive) servo motors but I have no data on the driver. Keep us posted.