Thonny's odd view of the local Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish file system [Solved]

I don’t understand at all what’s happening. I’ve created a local .bin file as an image for my badger badge but can find no way to upload it to the badger. Thonny shows me the files and directories on the badger and purports, in the upper left hand window, to do the same for my local files. It shows me the /home/bidmead directory but displays it as empty.

I can use thonny to create a new directory inside /home/bidmead but this turns out to be illusory—the native file manager, nautilus, knows nothing of this new directory and it doesn’t show up with ls /home/bidmead.

It seems that thonny’s connection to my local file system is broken. But not completely, as it can, for example, see /var/cache but not /var/lib. It mostly seems able to see directories but occasional files do appear as I explore. The local file system as portrayed by thonny is puzzlingly incomplete.

Permissions related? I mentioned elsewhere I was having to start thonny as a superuser. But this requirement mysteriously disappeared after I’d removed the flatpak version of thonny, replaced it with the apt version and then reverted once more to the flatpak version.

The Ubuntu’s menulibre is currently launching thonny with the mellifluous /usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=thonny --file-forwarding org.thonny.Thonny @@ %F @@.

I’m completely stumped and I need to know what’s happening. Any help would be very welcome indeed. Need more details? Just ask. And please feel free to shoot me down in flames if I’m missing something really silly.


I’m not going nuts!

The solution seems to be: update to thonny version 3.3.14. For debian users this is the apt version (flatpak still seems to be on 3.3.13.)

3.3.14 doesn’t seem to be available in the Ubuntu Software repo but can be installed with sudo apt install thonny.

Or (very much better): sudo nala install thonny.