DisplayOTron Hat not running

Hi, new at this and having problems running this hat.
Im using a B+ Pi running wheezy not jessie as I dint know jessie is the new Raspbian
until I had spent 12 hours installing all the software on wheezy.
Any one know if it will run on this setup as I have no life in the hat, no response of any kind?

yes, it most definitely should work. But it may be best to first make sure your Wheezy install is relatively up-to-date:

curl -sS get.pimoroni.com/uptodate | bash

after reboot, run:

curl -sS get.pimoroni.com/displayotron | bash

Hi, installed the updates and displayotron as you advised, seamed to install OK but still no life in the LCD.
Used Genie to run programs which start but keep stopping with IOError; [Errno] Permission denied is this
a license issue as I noticed in the download warnings of no license. If so how do I get around this.
Thanks for the help so far, hope you can help me around this, All the best IALong.

Permission denied messages have nothing to do with licensing, they mean that the current user (i.e ‘pi’) does not have the rights to perform a particular command.

Try by preceeding the execution of the script by ‘sudo’, for example:

sudo python backlight.py

Hi, quick thanks for the help, all running now. I did wonder if it was an admin problem.
Thanks again, all the best IALong.