Tiny 2040, 2MB or 8MB? How to tell which it is?

I got a second hand Pimoroni Tiny 2040, but don’t know if its the 2MB or 8MB model? And its not marked anywhere on it which one it is? Not that these old eyes can see anyway. How do I know what image to flash to it?


I think I know a way, there might be other ways. The command line utility picotool can tell you. The command picotool info --device seems to do the job.

I normally just run picotool info -a to get all info. The getting started guide from Raspberry Pi on the docs page provide more details and the code for that app is here GitHub - raspberrypi/picotool.

I have two different RP2040 devices, the Raspberry Pi Pico with 2 MB & Pimoroni PicoSystem with 16 MB. The utility gives it in kilobytes (or really kibibytes :) ) but it matches the product pages for those two devices. The product page for the Tiny 2040 says it is it is “2MB or 8MB of QSPI flash supporting XiP” which matches those other devices so I assume this is the value picotool info is providing in the device information.

One thing about helping on the forum, it keeps making me want to buy more stuff, I guess I could see it as contributing to the success of the device manufacturers and Pimoroni lol.

Pimoroni PicoSystem:

C:\>picotool info --device
Device Information
 flash size:   16384K
 ROM version:  2


Raspberry Pi Pico:

C:\>picotool info --device
Device Information
 flash size:   2048K
 ROM version:  1


Thanks, going to go have a look. I’d be scared to add up what I’ve spent, lol. I have a few odds and ends gathering dust if I’m honest. But the rest of it has been a whole lot of fun and learning.

Might put this off for another day. Being a Pirate arr, I’ve had a few Rum & Cokes. =)

EDIT: I have a Pico Lipo 16mb, running the Pimoroni Micro python uf2, its limiting me to 2MB, =(. And the Tiny 2040 that I haven’t put to use just yet.

I know that feeling all too well, that’s one reason I’m helping on the forum here and it’s motivating seeing what other people are doing.

I also enjoy that occasionally too :)

Micro Controllers are relatively new to me. I’ve done just a tiny bit of tinkering with Arduino, and micro Bit, but those are the gathering dust part of things for me. That may change now as I’m onboard with the RP 2040 side of things now. I’m having a lot of fun on the PICO side of things and learning some new stuff in the process.

The 2MB Tiny 2040 says 2MB on the back and has a smaller flash chip - 2x3mm vs 4x4mm for the 8MB.

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So if there is no number, no 2 on the back, its the 8MB?

Sounds like it - there’s a photo of the back of an 8MB one on the shop page if you want to contrast and compare!

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Now that I know that picture is of the 8 MB model I can confirm mine is an 8 MB version. Thankyou. =) Just put a little 8 sticker on it from one of your sticker sheets. ;)

Any word on if custom Micro Python images might happen?
I did post to github about it, it applies to the Tiny 8MB too.
16 MB Pico LIPO is limited to 2MB in Micro Python? · Issue #272 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

@Kihonkai I did look at that link, a bit above my current skill level though. I may still give it a go after a bit more reading.

It makes it a bit harder that they only do releases of the source code on GitHub but I guess when it’s an SDK about writing software for a device, it seems ok. It’s good that tools like it exist when people are ready to use them.

MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers
Custom images that will use the full amount of storage space instead of limiting you to just 2MB.
Custom Pimoroni versions of same.
CI: Build MicroPython for multiple boards · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico@eac8c68 (github.com)