16 MB Pico LIPO only showing 4MB?

I have a 16MB Pico LIPO loaded with the latest Pimoroni Micro Python uf2 file.
From Thoony if I run the following

import os

I get the following?
(4096, 4096, 352, 345, 345, 0, 0, 0, 0, 255)

So does that mean its only a 4MB model? It is jumpered for 16MB as that was what I had ordered. Or am I just reading it wrong?

If you press the boot and power buttons wont it boot into program mode and show as windows drive ?
You could then see the size of the drive available.

Yes and no. It doesn’t quit work that way in Windows, likely because of how its setup with the uf2 file.

Ah, ok.
I beleive I have a 16MB one not opened yet. Will dig it out and see what I get in python.
Guess could try to create an array over 4MB in size and see what happens!

I may not be using the correct command to read it? Or it may just be a Micro Python issue? The product page only links to Circuit python images, and there are two different ones. One for 4MB and one for 16M.
I guess the big question is, can I use Micro Python on it?

Just opend it up and dropped the Adafruit 16MB 7.2.0 image on it and it now shows up in windows as 16MB.
I have to go out in a min but will try MicroPython overr the weekend. There is no multicore support in circuit python so full micropython support is important.

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@bobtrex Thanks for that, was just thinking of trying it myself. If I have to start over with Circuit python its really going to suck. I have a bunch of Pimoroni Breakouts and LCD displays wired up and working. All there support library wise is for Micro Python.

You can use MicroPython on it, but I think currently you would need to build your MicroPython image from source for it be able it to show more than 2MB of flash (which is what a Pico has). Ideally we’d have different MicroPython builds for different boards available on the releases page (like we’ve just done with Badger).

I think @Gadgetoid is neck deep in Badger business at the moment, but if this is a feature you’d like to see, a Github issue would be a fine place to suggest it!

Is it going to damage anything (memory) using Micro Python?

That then makes sense why there are different downloads for the 4MB and 16MB Circuitpythons. I guess its hard coded at compile time!

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Nah - you’ll just not be able to see/use the full amount.

I have a Pi Pico with the Lipo Shim on it I can swap in, problem is, it doesn’t have the qwic connector? I’d have to fab something up to get around that as most of my breakouts are extended away from the Pico with qwic cables and a hub.

@hel Ok, back to plan A and just live with reduced memory.

There is a bunch of info missing from the product page by the way. What GPIO are used for the User LED, and User Button is not mentioned. Nor the fact that ADC 2 is used to monitor battery voltage. Also does jumpering the 1A+ Mode SJ1 override the Battery protection? It looks that way from the schematic.

GPIO23 - User Switch (Boot Switch)
GPIO25 - User LED (Green)
GPIO28 - Battery voltage (ADC2)

Installing the Adafruit 16mb uf2 gets me my 16 MB so that’s good. It is a 16mb model.

Thanks - I’ll add that to my list of shop pages that need a little attention!