Tiny2040 powered by battery

I notice the Tiny2040 has a 5V+ out, 3.3V+ out, and GND, but, unlike the Raspberry Pi Pico, does not have a VSYS pin that is meant for power sources other than USB from 1.8V - 5.5 V. Which pins would someone use on the Tiny2040 to attach a battery, and if there are, what would the acceptable voltage range be?

You can power Tiny through the 5V pin (aka VBUS), the input range is is 3V-5.5V.

The 5V from the USB and the 5V pin are wired directly together though, so if you do hook up a battery to this pin you should never have USB power connected at the same time (if you do you’ll end up backpowering the battery or the USB host, neither of which is a good time).

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