Touch pHAT & DS3231 RTC

I am a noob to RPi, so please be gentle!

I want to use a Touch pHAT on a Pi 3B+ that has a DS3231 RTC on the I2C bus. I assume that, to connect the RTC as well as the pHAT, I’ll need a Black HAT Hack3r. Plug the RTC into the top row & the pHAT into the second row. As far as I can see, the I2C addresses won’t conflict.

Have I got this right???


You’re correct- Touch pHAT is 0x2c.

Great! Thanks for the very prompt reply.

DS3231 breakout board? Here is how I hooked mine up. Proto Hat with a stacking header. Proto hat pluges into my Pi and my sense hat plugs in on top of it. The other two headers are for other i2c devices, a BME680 I want to remote mount away from any heat my Pi etc might give off, and one for future expansion.