Phat stack compatibility?

I have what might be a super simple question; I am wondering how I work out what combinations of equipment are compatible for using together with a phat stack.

I am trying to design a project that uses a Raspberry Pi Zero, e-ink screen and Lipo battery. So the lipo shim and inky phat seem to be what I need but I’m not sure how to determine if they can work together.

I noticed that the descriptions of the products mention “breaking out” pins. Are these the unused pins that are available for other devices to use?

Have a look see at this. It’s linked too from the product page.

And also this. It will show what’s used by the Hat of pHat

i2c can be shared as long as no two devices have the same i2c address. SPI will also handle multiple devices, you just have to use a different chip enable / chip select for each device.

I do believe the “breaking out” pins refers to a header on the hat or pHat. That breaks out i2c etc so you can connect other devices and sensors to it. If you look at the full sized Breakout Garden Hat you’ll see a single row of pins for i2c, SPI, UART etc. Solder some wires or a header on there and you can make use of those pins. They connect to the relevant pins on the Pi’s GPIO, its the same as connecting right to the Pi. Without “breaking out” those pins they are hidden and not accessible. ;)

The pan tilt hat has some too.