Tufty 2040 display

I have just got a Tufty 2040 and have moved over some code that was running correctly on a a Display Pack 2 and a 2.8 inch Waveshare screen but have come across a few issues…

When using any pen type other than RGB332 the screen corrupts when rotated 90 or 270 degrees:

In RGB332:

Is this to be expected with the Tufty? Is it due to the parallel connection?

A second issue is that setting the backlight to anything less than about 0.4 turns the screen off completely, is this normal as well on the Tufty?



Hi Andy,

I believe the parallel connection might not be your problem. I’ve come across similar types of occurrences, where RGB332 is the solution. That and not using pure white in certain scenarios.

Here is a link on one of the discussions (thanks to the testing by the participants)

As for your comment about the backlight…

Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. Anything less then 0.4 (or more exact 0.39 [that is what the output of the reading shows) it goes black. - Hence why I’ve added code to stop there, if I want the lowest dimmed screen.


Thanks MM…

I actually logged that issue on GitHub after I saw a similar issue posted in the circuitpython repo by someone trying to do a Tufty build and did a bit more testing.

Working round it successfully now.