Tufty Screen failure!

I have no idea what triggered it, but it looks like the LCD screen has failed on my Tufty 2040. I have been using it every day as a portable weather station, without any issues. It wasn’t dropped or abused, I’m very careful that way. The following pictures will show what’s happening. It happened while battery powered, 3 fresh AAA batteries. And does the same thing while USB powered.
I flash nuked it and reflashed with the latest current Pimoroni uf2. Now it run’s main.py, but locks up when i try to run a file from the list with the A button. Running my weather file from Thonny works OK but with the screen coruption.

Does indeed look like a screen failure :(

I think we’re between batches of Tuftys at the moment, but we’ll get a replacement sent out for you as soon as more are ready. Let us know if you have any issues with the new one - these screens are new to us so feedback on how they’re doing is much appreciated!

Touching / pressing the display down near the A button has made it worse. Must be something going on with the ribbon cable where it attaches to the edge of the screen?
I have been putting it in my pocket, but I have also been padding it with kleenex. And making sure the screen was facing in towards me. If anything got bumped it was the battery case.
Stuff happens, thanks for the quick replay. I have a backup homebrew version using a Pico Display Pack 2 and Pico Lipo I can use for now. I take it on my morning walks with my dog to see just how hot and humid it is.

Sad, but at least you can still read it until the replacement arrives.

I have a usable backup, it’s just a little bulky to carry around and not at all pocket friendly.

The fun part is going to be trying to unsolder and remove the BME280 from the defective one. I’ll be using the qwicc connector on the new one. The BME280 I had on hand didn’t have the qwicc connector on it, and lined up with the solder pads on the Tufty. Seemed like a good idea at the time to solder it on. Hindsight is always 20 20 though. ;)

I soldered on female headers to mine so it is easy to push in DuPont wires for connection. Looks a bit ‘blobby’ but the connections work OK. Not so keen on flat solder pads - I’d have preferred holes, much more secure.

I got the BME280 off, but it didn’t survive the ordeal. The SDA solder pad is MIA and its not detected with an i2c scan. Totally of my own doing. That’s the way it goes some times. Even those of us “that should” know what we are doing, make decisions that aren’t the best choice. Just heads up for anybody reading this. Using the qwicc connector is IMHO a better option.

ouch,that sounds like something Ithat would happen to me ,. not you ;)
If all goes as planned i’ll be over tomorrow !

Replacement arrived. Used the Qwicc connector and cable for the BME280 this time around. Readings are nice and accurate now with no heat transfer from the tufty main board. =)

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