Tufty 2040 Bootloader problems

Hi all, first time poster longtime struggler here.

I’m trying to get into the Tufty 2040 while following the guide, where it states to hold the boot button and tap the power button while the Tufty’s plugged in to get it to bootloader mode.

Trouble is, it isn’t showing up as a drive when I do so. Looking at the Device Manager I can see it’s showing up as “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”. I imagine that’s a suboptimal sign?

Trying a different PC yields similar outcomes. All combinations and permutations of button holds, taps and double taps yield similar outcomes. Any advice on getting past this would be greatly appreciated!

PS I should note the demo content on the board works fine; it turns on normally without issue and the content onboard runs very well.

Have you tried a Different USB Cable?
Also try this. Turn it off. Hold down the Boot button and turn it on. Then release the Boot Button.

Thanks for the two tips there - it turned out to be the provided cable, all is well now! cheers :)

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That’s a bummer, but it happens. My Tufty is one of my best purchases. I so love the nice big Color LCD. Nice resolution too. The QWICC Connector comes in handy, for me anyway.

absolutely, moving from the Badger2040 to this is wild, visual-wise. I’ve not seen the QWIIC before, will have a gander!

The QWICC lets you plug in i2c devices. A lot of the Pimoroni Breakout Garden stuff has them. The cables are there too. The Pimoroni Firmware has all the blobs needed for those addons in it. You just have to sit down and code it up. I have an RV3028 RTC and BME280 attached to mine. I display the date time and the sensor info.

Forgot to mention, the onboard LUX sensor can be used to auto adjust the display brightness.

Love the LUX sensor!! – auto adjust for room lighting, or lack of one. =D

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Adjusting for the lack of light, was why I set it up. =) And I wasn’t settling for manually adjusting it when there was a light sensor onboard. ;) I like it dimmed in low light conditions.