TV Hat with Fanshim


I recently installed the Fanshim on my Pi 3b along with the software. Fanshim works fine with no other hardware, but when I install a TV Hat it no longer works. doen’t have the TV hat, is there a confilct with the GPIO used by Fanshim and those used by TV Hat?


Sure sounds like it. I bet the TV hat uses the UART pins.
Try loading the service with the --noled option.
From terminal run
cd fanshim-python
cd examples
sudo ./ --on-threshold 75 --off-threshold 60 --delay 5 --noled
Just swap the temps above for what you want to use. There is a --nobutton option too
You might get lucky and be able to use the TV Hat. The LED on the Fan Shim may do some weird stuff though if the TV hat does use the UART.

Threads on the official forums seem to think it only uses SPI, and looking at a TV HAT that seems about right. I’ve just tried the two together on my 4B and they work fine.

@Shoe That’s good sleuthing. I hunted around on the product page looking for a schematic etc, but didn’t find anything useful.
I’m a member of that forum, same username I use here.

Hmm, so they work together on your pi4 but not my pi3.

I’ll try the no Led suggestion later as I don’t need them anyway and see if that fixes it.