Two RGB LED Matrix Panels with one power supply?

Hello all, some time ago I got myself a 64x64 RGB LED Matrix Panel and a power brick so I could use more lights and higher brightness. Now I bought a second Matrix, and reading the power supply’s wattage it should be able to power them both at the same time. But how do I connect them both up to one adapter? I understand I have to run the current through the one Matrix to the other, but how do I connect everything, what wires or other things do I need to buy?
I have a feeling it can’t be terribly complicated but I really don’t know about these things, electronics and wiring and such. Perhaps someone can link me to a guide? Thanks in advance for any help.

There is some guidance on the Getting Started with Interstate 75 guide.

It looks like you chain the output data connector on the first board to the input on the second, and you split power so it goes to both