Unable to get camera to work with Pi Zero W



I’m trying (and failing) to setup this camera …

I’m using the latest Raspbian Stretch lite OS on a Pi Zero W. I’ve enabled the camera under raspi-config and rebooted - last few lines of /boot/config.txt show …

I’ve loaded what I think is the correct kernel module (bcm2835-v4l2) and this loads OK without any errors. The last few lines from “dmesg” are…
[ 260.553252] media: Linux media interface: v0.10
[ 260.593296] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
[ 260.623830] bcm2835_v4l2: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.

From other forum posts on the web I’m lead to believe that if the module loads and detects the camera correctly then it should create a /dev/video0 device but it doesn’t exist.

The “v4l2-compliance” command shows - Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory
I wanted to get the basics working before diving in with setting up motion and motioneye

Any advice would be gratefully received


OK… I should have tried harder. All good now :-)
Turns out the cable connection wasn’t seated properly … Now I feel stoopid.

Right, now its working in Raspbian, I’m gonna break it all again and try to get it working under Arch ;-)


don’t feel stoopid,happens to us all ,i could post my picture and show you what stoopid looks like ,lol


That’s a common error, mistake etc. Very easy to get one or both ends flipped around backwards. Do that and its as if no cable was connected. On the plus side, nothing bad happens when you do that, if just doesn’t work.


Sheesh it’s my job and I’ve had camera fails due to not-quite-properly-seated cables, to say the very least!


Thanks everyone… Nice to know there’s folk in the same boat willing to help out


What really sucks is when you break that locking bar. Which is really easy to do, especially on Pi Zero. Just a heads up, take your time and be gentle with those CSI connectors. ;)