Unicorn Hat HD alternative Pins


in my current project (a pixel alarm clock) I want to use a Adafruit MAX98357 I2S Amp simultaneously with an Unicorn Hat HD. Since the Hat uses the spi0 pins per default for its data transfer, which also include some of the I2s pins (which have no alternative as far as I know), it is not possible to drive both at the moment. Is it possible to drive the Hat via the spi1 pins?

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Nevermind problem solved.
Enabling SPI1 by adding dtoverlay=spi1-1cs in /boot/config.txt and using a modified init.py in the library ( line 44, _spi.open(0, 0) changed to _spi.open(1, 0) ) I was able to use the SPI1 pins ( SPI Pins) to send data to the Hat.


this is a handy thing to know, thanks for sharing.