Unicorn Hat questions

Sorry if this is not the right place to be posting this, but I figured it would at least be a good place to start. Along with the Unicorn hat, I own a Pimoroni Piglow, which I can just run the scripts, such as “./arm.py” instead of having to preface it with “sudo”. How can I modify the Unicorn Hat scripts so that I do not have to type sudo first?

Unicorn HAT, or more specifically the rpi_ws281x library responsible to drive the neopixels requires low-level access to the hardware, hence sudo being required.

Could it be worked around? I guess, possibly, deferring access to something else that is allowed to do that by default, not sure. Not a simple task I would suspect, certainly requiring a rewrite of the interfacing library.

… Piglow is a different beast, it drives a SN3218 chip over I2C, which requires no particular privileges, hence the reason why you can dispense prefacing the command with sudo.

Thank you for explaining that to me. I appreciate your help!

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