Unicorn HAT only showing 2 pixels

I am trying to get my Unicorn HAT to work with my Raspberry Pi 2B but regardles of which example program I use it only shows displays two pixels (as shown in the picture). I have tested it with my Raspberry Pi 4B and it works perfectly fine. I have updated and installed everything the same on both Pi’s. Is there anything I can do?

Are you using sudo on both Pi’s?

Using with idle/idle3:

unicornhat needs root access to function. Please make sure you start LXTerminal and run idle or idle3 with the “sudo” command like so:

sudo idle

I have used sudo on both systems.

Ok, it was a long shot but I figured I’d ask and make sure.
I don’t own one of those, I have the HD model.
I don’t know why your having this issue? Best Guess is one of the two GPIO pins used on the Pi 2 isn’t working, and or got damaged at some point?

It may have done as it has sat in a cupboard for while. Thank you anyway.

You could try disabling onboard audio by removing dtparam=audio=on from /boot/config.txt ?

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That worked!! Thank you very much

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