Updated Install Instructions for Inky using Virtual Environment

Can Pimoroni please provide install instructions for Inky library that work with Debian 12 Bookworm? Existing install instructions provided by Pimoroni result in “error: externally-managed-environment” and “see PEP 668 for detailed specifications.” Can someone please list a step-by-step install guide that incorporates ‘virtual environment?’

Thank you

There’s a WIP installer for Pi 5/Bookworm here - once that’s finalised and merged in I’ll update the learn guide (but hopefully there shouldn’t be too many changes from a user POV - we’re working on making the installer set up a venv for you if you don’t have one, which should make it a bit more beginner friendly).

If you decide to give the updated installer a try, I’m sure @Gadgetoid would appreciate feedback on Github if you run into any issues with your Pi/Inky combo.

Not just for Inky - can we have similar for the other historic product installers?
I’m hitting the same issue with ButtonShim and Mote at the moment.

We’re intending to Bookworm-ify as many of our installers as possible, but it’s going to take us a while to work through the whole list.

There’s some more info about the adjustments we need to make to accommodate Bookworm/Pi 5 here: Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm + Pep 668 by Gadgetoid · Pull Request #13 · pimoroni/boilerplate-python · GitHub
and a rather intimidating progress/priority list here:
Migration to Pi 5 / Bookworm Progress · Issue #16 · pimoroni/boilerplate-python · GitHub

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Is the intent to maintain compatibility with the Legacy (Bullseye) OSes?

I only ask because I’m having a bit of a battle with the GrowHAT and the latest installer kills Bullseye support and I wasn’t sure if it would be helpful to be raising issues… ;-)

Not sure about that one, sorry!

Issues or comments on the relevant PRs are probably best.