Updates to install.sh for Bookworm

This question is related to installing Pimoroni Python libraries on a Raspberry Pi running the new Bookworm OS. In particular I was looking at the bme280-python library. On GitHub, am I correct in thinking the installer ‘install.sh’ is written for Bullseye? How do I install into the now recommended virtual environment? Will Pimoroni be modifying the install script for Bookworm? Or is there a workaround to get the bme280 library into a virtual environment? Thanks.

I’d run it and see what happens. If it needs the virtual environment you will get an error message telling you so. And a link to the new procedure.

This might help.
St7789 install error with Bookworm? - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Thanks. I’ve now managed to install bme280 library in a virtual environment and run the example code using Thonny (using the virtual environment).

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Your ahead of me, I have yet to try the new install method.