USB keyboard for Interstate i75 pico

How do i connect a USB keyboard to the interstate 75? or even a USB number pad?
It does have a USB socket…

Would one of these weird cables work?

I could try one of those or put power to the pins on i75
Do i need some code? I am using Thonny on MacBook.


The Interstate i75 is USB-C

What is the ultimate goal? The USB port on the i75 is not for peripherals like keyboards and mice.

Ah, sorry - forgot it was USB-C!

I have an LED matrix. I want to update the number on the display. The idea was just o use the i75. I have a USB numpad so i don’t want to build bespoke buttons.
I suppose I could code a ‘tally counter’… but I dislike tally counters. Ideally I would like to connect a QWERTY keyboard but understand that would be far to complex.

I also have a problem that the i75 doesn’t function unless it is plugged into the MacBook. I want the project to be standalone. Thanks

There are likely a couple of different ways to add Buttons for functions.
I have plans to do this to my Plasma Stick. I’m going to use an IO Expander wired to i2c. I have one on hand so why not. Plus I want to use at least 6 buttons.
pimoroni-pico/micropython/examples/breakout_ioexpander/ at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (

For just one or two Buttons, you could skip the IO Expander and just wire them right to unused GPIO Pins on the I75. There is a Micro Python basic button function included in the Pimoroni uf2 files.
It goes something like this. The numbers are the GP used. I think its GP, it’s either GP or the physical pin number?

from pimoroni import Button

button_a = Button(6)
button_b = Button(7)
button_x = Button(10)
button_y = Button(11)

Where are you saving your file? It needs to be saved as on the RP2040 on the i75.

Great, i’ll try the expander, need 10 buttons.
So I should always rename the file ‘’ when i save it to the i75?
many buttons = many thanks

Yes, if you want it to autorun on power up.

Great! making progress - used a tallycounter. I will post the project when it is finished.

Can the i75 pico make a sound?

I don’t see any mention of onboard sound in the product description. And I don’t see any connection for a speaker.

I’ve had a change of plans. I’m going to use an Encoder Wheel Breakout with my Plasma Stick. Easy peasy to just plug it in via the QWICC connectors and cable. Five buttons, 24 RGB LED ring, and Encoder Wheel to play with. =)