USB-RS485 Windows driver?

I want to use the USB-RS485 converter that Pimoroni sells*, in a WIn10 machine. Anyone know what driver? (Windows doesn’t auto provide one.)

I found a driver that may be the right one. Apparently it is a CH340 chip inside. Linux has drivers in its kernel but not Windows, but this site has links for Windows and Mac drivers for CH340.

Windows accepts the driver and tells me the port is on COM4. The app I’m trying out (AccessPort) finds the port and seems able to set it up, open & close it, BUT so far I can’t see any signals coming out when I “send”. So I’m not sure whether the driver is right.

Any advice welcome!

Sparkfun sell a couple of CH340 devices and link to the drivers in the Documents section, that should definitely be the right one. What are you connecting to the other end of the cable?

Thanks - I will try that driver.
I hope to use this to debug the connection between a joystick/keyboard and a conference camera, but so far have only looked at the terminals with a scope. Both pins sit positive, no signal. Nothing happens when I try to “send”.
The joystick does send a train of pulses when I send out a command. The camera doesn’t respond at all. Baud rates and protocol match (tried Pelco-P and Pelco-D).