Useing a TPU with NVMe Base Duo

Is it possible and advisable to put an SSD in one slot and a TPU in the other slot of a DUO. Then you could have a fast home AI server running on an RPi 5 8GB.

Has this been tried and what sort of things have been achueved.

I have seen youtubes about this sort if thing for video processing but I have not seen anything about running local LLM.

I am trying to figure if thus would be better than one of the other SBCs one could use.

The product page says:

"NVMe Base Duo offers offers two PCIe Gen 2 M.2 slots behind a PCIe Gen2 Packet Switcher on a general purpose PCIe x1 connection - while we know most people want to add fast storage in theory you can use other devices with it, we just can’t help you make them work! "

So if your TPU is M-keyed (not E-keyed) then it might work. Maybe you can find some documentation if your TPU has problems if it is behind a packet-switcher.

Thanks, i hope someone who already has the DUO will post here after trying it.
It looks like a good idea but I can’t yet know if it’s worth investing in.