NVMe Duo base RPi won.t load with base installed

I recently installed my Duo base on RPi5 8GB. RPi boots fine and updated/upgrade complete. connect Duo base and RPi won’t reboot. I am using recommended bookworm 64g desktop.


add on… NVMe are
Crucial P3 500GB PCIe Gen3 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD. these are the same drives I’m currently using on a single base without issue and it’s 64 bit OS. Thanks

update… I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but now it is fully functional.
I made no changes at all.

I had also the same configuration as you
NVME DUAL BASE and 2 Crucial P3 500Gb PCIe
When my PI 5 is up and running i can see the 2 ssd with lsblk but if i want to install the image on ssd by the desktop with rasp PI imager
I can take the process and do everything just at the end he failed and complain with the message sync error.
Did you proceed with a special configuration before install ours.
Thanks for return