Using several pHats


I would like to set up a pi zero running the image volumio.
Is it possible to use enviro pHat and pHat Beat connected to the same pi zero at the same time?

I cannot foresee any problems with this as there are no pin conflicts.

Ok, but, what kind of connectors do I have to use to combine them?

It really depends how much of the Enviro pHAT or pHAT BEAT functionality you want to retain, since both of them have stuff on the top that you wouldn’t want to cover with another pHAT.

In the pHAT BEAT’s case you have the VU meter, and Enviro pHAT has the temperature sensor (which wouldn’t give very useful readings if it were sandwiched between two boards) and the colour/light sensor (which wouldn’t give any readings.)

You can, for example, add the pHAT BEAT to the top of your Pi, then carefully soldered the 4-5 wires required to run the Enviro pHAT to the bottom.

You could stack them with an 11mm stacking header:

Or you could break them out and sit them side-by-side using a Black HAT Hack3r:

cough cough cough good luck getting the pHAT BEAT VU working in Volumio though…

Ok. Looking for a solution to run volumio on pi zero and having sound. What kind of DAC do you recommend? HifiBerry?

DAC is no problem… my comment above was related to the VU side of things. It’s possible to get working but unlikely to work for long (any change in Volumio UX will replace critical files).

In term of DAC, the choice depends on what output possibilities and features you would like:

  • external amp and speaker -> pHAT DAC
  • on-board amp and decent external speaker -> pHAT BEAT (Pirate Radio kit)
  • (unlikely) as compact as possible but low quality and mono -> Speaker pHAT

FWIW my main media player is Volumio + pHAT DAC, but I’m definitely planning to roll Volumio on my Pirate Radio once I have a moment (and don’t need it for testing).