Vertex Delta 3D printer piezo sensors

I bought a Vertex Delta from Pimoroni a couple of years back, and whilst I got some prints out of it it’s I’ve always had trouble with it doing bed levelling, it crashes into the bed surface sometimes.

Had a go at tracking down the problems again today and have worked out that one of the piezo sensors under the build bed is dead - unplugged them all and then put them back in one by one, the one in the corner that it tends to crash more on isn’t responding, but the other two are.

Pimoroni don’t seem to sell the official replacements although do sell various other parts (I got some new timing belts and had replaced those thinking it might have been that before I’ve now tracked down the dead sensor), and Velleman don’t either any more as far as I can see. There’s someone else over on the Velleman forums in the same boat as me Vertex Delta K8800 replacement piezo sensors - Vertex Delta - Whadda forum - Community Help and Support and I put a reply there too in case anyone can answer.

Would Pimoroni be able to source replacements from anywhere?

Otherwise, any idea on the specs on the sensors so could try to get a replacement that’s close enough and attach a connector on it? Have to work out the pads on it too so it all lines up reasonably well.