Galleon LiPo battery

I have not been able to find a US distributor for the 3.7v Galleon battery, and Pimoroni has no shipper willing to deliver this product in the US. Any thoughts on some way to purchase the product for shipment to the US?


Thats likely due to restrictions on the transport of LIPO batteries via air. I can get them (LIPO batteries) from Adafruit, as its ground transport. But not from Pimoroni as they have to go across the big pond to get to me in Canada.
Wish I could help more. Might want to ping Pimoroni support to see if they sell them via another retailer.
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As a possible suggestion if you have a 3d printer
Print a hard case to fit the 400mAh Lipo battery

Hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a reasonable idea. Not that hard to print a small box.