Battery for Trilobot

I just got the Trilobot barebones kit and I need to find a USB-C power bank that will fit on the robot. In the pictures, it looks like Pimoroni uses a 2-Power Nanowave 3 battery, but those aren’t available in the U.S. Can anyone recommend a battery that would fit? Most USB power banks are too large for the space.

this looks close ,I cant find its measurement , and its 200 dollars on my CDN

We’ve got batteries on order (they should hopefully be with us around the end of January) but in the meantime we’d recommend Anker power banks. The straps are fairly accommodating, so if you get a narrowish one it should fit.

Will you be able to ship the batteries internationally?

Hmm, good question - I’ll see if I can find out!

We can’t ship bare LiPo batteries by air but we might be able to ship USB power banks if they count as a ‘final enclosed product’ - the shop team are looking into it!

I am using INIU model Bl-B61 10000 mAr

A little heavy at 200g but ok.

So, FYI. It looks like Pimoroni cannot ship that power bank to the U.S. (the site says it won’t). So I tried to find a small power bank on Amazon U.S. and got this, which seems to do the job: