Trilobot Power Supply

Tempted by the new Trilobot I’ve added all the bits to my cart only to find that the battery pack isn’t available from Pimoroni. If I zoom in on the picture it appears to be a “Model A08” but the only A08 power supplies I can find don’t match the one in the picture - they’re quite large. Larger than a Pi4 so definitely not the one in the photo and probably not suitable.

Does anyone know of a USB C battery pack with a suitable footprint (or where I can get the one in the photo)?



I don’t think it really matters what powerbank you use. Maybe the one on the picture was for demo purposes. Maybe this one will do? Auskang Power Bank USB C 5000mAh Super Mini External Battery only 98g Lightweight with USB C Input & Output, Small Portable Charger for Smartphone, Bluetooth Earbuds, Camera, etc. (Black) : Electronics & Photo Although it should not be too big, and try and stay with 5000mah

Hope this helps!


The power banks are on order - I think they’re due late January.

Until then, Anker power banks would be our recommendation. The velcro straps should be reasonably accommodating of different shapes and sizes, as long as you get one that’s not huge.

Hi Hel. I agree, any 5000mah power bank that isn’t overly big should work. By the way, when are you restocking Pi 4B 4gb, Pi 4B 8GB, and those two starter kits>



As soon as we can get our hands on 'em - next year at this point I’d guess? We don’t typically get much advanced warning of Pi stock arriving, so it’s probably best to sign up for the stock notification for the kind you’re interested in.

We’ve currently got 2GB Pis in stock though, which should be fine for Trilobot.

Yeah. I have a 2gb anyway. I want to get one with a bigger amount of ram.